[bs-text title=”HARVEY NICHOLS HOLY GRAIL : CHARLOTTE TILBURY MAGICAL MINI BRUSH SET” title_link=”$ja=tsid:92823|cgn:tia” bs-show-desktop=”1″ bs-show-tablet=”1″ bs-show-phone=”1″]Over the course of the next five weeks, I have been asked by Harvey Nichols to put the ultimate brushes and face applicator tools to the test. I have edited down a shortlist of heroes in order to find my ultimate favourite and winner, which I will then unveil to you! This week the Charlotte Tilbury Magical Mini Brush Set is on trial – keep reading for the full low down..

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I’m an avid traveller. I pride myself on being able to fit everything I need for a long weekend away in my carry on. I like to have everything I need with me, which usually leads to a frantic airport Boots shop to get 4 for 3 on those insanely cute (but relatively expensive) miniature shampoo, deodorant, baby oil and toothpastes. I also have a vast array of sample/travel size face masks, wipes, bronzer and mascara (all of which are essential for looking and feeling fresh upon arrival) tucked away in one of those resealable plastic bags ready to clear security without any ‘faffing’.

Travel tip: I always take an extra clear plastic resealable bag when I go through security, so that next trip I have a fresh one to pile all of the aforementioned miniatures into. It saves SO much time and effort – and the people behind you will thank you for it.

I like to look and feel fresh when I land. My key tricks to achieve this are 1. Applying a clear face mask when I take my seat 2. Staying well hydrated throughout the flight with a nice big bottle of water 3. Brushing my teeth before landing 4. Wiping off my face mask & applying a little cream, mascara & bronzer to wake my face up!

I don’t like to take a full set of makeup brushes away with me as they take up unnecessary space & I only end up using 4 or 5 out of the 10 or so I pack. Enter: Charlotte Tilbury Magical Mini Brush Set. Comprising of 4 minis; Powder Brush, Blender Brush, Smudger Brush & Precision Brush (read: essentials).

These little beauties are my ultimate travel companions, contained in a gorgeous clutch that epitomises Hollywood glamour in the CT signature burgundy colour. Perfect for your carry on!

I especially love the multipurpose mini Powder brush, made of synthetic fibres and perfect for eliminating any shine with your favourite powder, applying the bronzer I mentioned in step 4 of my wake up my face regime or adding a pop of blusher to your cheeks.

My other fave is the Mini Blender, which I use to contour my nose, define my eye socket and quickly add a wash of colour over my lids.

As you would expect from Charlotte Tilbury, the brushes don’t compromise quality just because they are minis, each brush is just as carefully crafted as its larger counterpart!

A real traveller-friendly buy & at £45.00, the cost per brush is AMAZING value for money. Grab yours at Harvey Nichols before they sell out. What are you waiting for? Go, go, go!



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