[bs-text title=”Giorgio Armani Designer Foundation Brush” bs-show-desktop=”1″ bs-show-tablet=”1″ bs-show-phone=”1″] As part of my five week quest to find a Holy Grail makeup applicator hero, this week I’m reviewing the Giorgio Armani Designer Foundation brush. It’s rare you’ll hear me scream and shout about a foundation brush, as I feel the majority of them don’t do their job particularly well. This usually results in me being unhappy with the way my base looks throughout the day.

Not the case with this little beauty. I love the design of this brush – it’s so sleek and epitomises Japanese design, but the real beauty is the application it provides. The perfect pairing for Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation, this brush is made of natural and synthetic fibres and has a tapered, slightly oval shape to make application more precise around the eye area (if you want to apply your eyeshadow/liner before face makeup). It doesn’t shed bristles all over your face, or leave streaky, paint brush-like marks in its trail, seamlessly fusing your chosen foundation to your skin!
At £60, it is a luxury product. The entire brush set costs £650 and if I had that casually lying around in January post-Xmas and pre-taxman, I WOULD BUY THE SET! This is definitely a brush worth shouting about. I’ve added it to my arsenal for the days when my fingers just won’t do, when my pores look terrible & I just want to look instantly better with a swipe of magic, and that’s exactly what this brush provides. Get yours now from Harvey Nichols & make sure to check the rest of the Holy Grail edit at  Xx

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