‘Beautiful skin begins within’ is the motto at Imedeen and this couldn’t be more true. Don’t get me wrong, topical treatments of key ingredients such as retinol and acids work well to refine and treat the surface layer, but do little to affect the building blocks of our skin. In order to keep looking young and firm, we have to tackle the deeper layers of the dermis where collagen and elastin are produced. Enter: Imedeen skincare. It’s is scientifically proven to deliver the antioxidant nutrients needed to help reduce signs of ageing for a more youthful appearance in just 90 days. It is age and gender specific so there are products designed specifically for women in their twenties and thirties (Derma One), forties (Time Perfection) and fifties and beyond (Prime Renewal) and Management for men – all designed for those who want to tackle the signs of ageing. The tablets themselves contain a marine complex (if you identify as a vegan, this unfortunately deems Imedeen unsuitable for your diet) rich in proteins, vitamin C &zinc– which we all know work wonders for our bodies.

I’ve been trialing the Derma One tablets for the past three months, combined with monthly facials from the AMAZING Kate Kerr & have never been asked so often what I’ve done to get the glow my skin is radiating! An IMEDEEN specialist performed a dermascan, essentially an ultrasound that produces a high-resolution image showing the condition of my dermis, carried out on my outer wrist to show me how my skin is ageing on the inside. I was scanned here rather than my face so as to give a true representation of how the tablets work – ensuring no topical lotions I’ve been using on my face over the last three months would alter the results.

To explain the scans above, the black line to the left represents the epidermis – the surface layer of skin. The coloured dots represent the collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of the dermis. The second scan shows the difference in my epidermis with a more dense, even distribution of dots! I’d been getting so many compliments on my skin recently & I can say with confidence after seeing the scans that it’s definitely improved since incorporating Imedeen Derma One into my routine.

Although the skin on my face is combination, my body is fairly dry and suffers greatly during the Autumn and Winter unless I slather it with heavy body cream or oil. The first places I actually noticed results during this trial were my elbows and shins – yes, my shins!! The dry, cracked skin across the front of my legs changed completely, and I’ve not had to use as much moisturizer on the whole of my body – perfect for the days when I quite frankly cannot be bothered! The second most noteable difference has been in my under-eyes, the dark circles I suffer with have really improved in colour & the fine lines around my eyes appear to have plumped out – something I’m ecstatic about as you can imagine!

All in all, I will 100% be implementing Derma One into my daily routine for the foreseeable future & moving onto the Time Perfection when necessary! This product definitely gets my seal of approval & has been added to my Selfie Secrets. You can receive a free consultation by booking a scan here, I promise you it’s worth it. Xx

This post is in collaboration with Imedeen Skincare. All thoughts & opinions are my own