The third brush in my Holy Grail line up is this magnificent Chanel Pinceau Teint 2-in1 foundation brush. The multi-purpose nature of this synthetic brush makes it the ideal tool to apply both liquids and powders with perfect precision. What I love about the short, tapered shape of the No8 is how easily it helps you build from very natural to full-coverage with ease, evenly distributing any formula. I like to buff product in circles from the inner areas of the face, out towards the jawline and forehead areas.  At £38.00, it doesn’t break the bank & is well worth the investment – especially if you’ve been searching for a do-it-all brush for applying all types of base.

I clean mine in between uses with baby shampoo and a quick spritz of antibacterial makeup spray to keep bacteria at bay. I let it air dry on a flat surface to ensure it keeps it’s shape. A mistake a lot of people make are leaving brushes near a heat source to dry – this can damage the adhesive that holds the bristles firmly on the handle of the brush – causing shedding and even the head of the brush to become completely unattached! So trust me on this one, have some patience and leave them to air-dry! I’ve linked it HERE so you can grab yours & dont forget to check out the rest of the edit at Xx


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