Starskin Artist FX Auto Patting Makeup Applicator

The Starskin Artist FX Auto Patting Makeup Applicator is the last in my search for the Holy Grail makeup applicator & it’s a little different from the rest!
Auto-Patting Technology combines a patting and pulsating motion, providing flawless, long-lasting coverage with an airbrushed finish quickly & efficiently. The travel friendly device features 3 interchangeable and replaceable applicator heads to suit different product formulas- making it perfect for use with creams, serums, foundations and powder. It’s super compact & comes in a handy travel bag for easy transportation, as well as not needing pesky batteries as it is fully rechargeable via USB. I love the air-brushed finish this device provides with no expertise necessary, it’s nowhere near as tricky as those airbrush machines! With a push of a button the device smooths your chosen product with ease & precision.
The three interchangeable heads are:
* Artist FX Rubi Cell Puff – Perfect for applying BB cream, CC cream and liquid and powder-based foundations.
* Artist FX Silicone Puff – Ideal for the application of liquid blusher and pressed-powder foundation.
* Artist FX Ceramic Puff – Designed for application of creams and serums.
It’s designed like a kabuki brush & provides similar flawless coverage to a beautyblender, but the handheld device simultaneously pulsates and pats at a speed of 4,800 pats per minute which provides superior, long-lasting coverage that mimics a professional’s technique!
User-friendly, portable & this compact device offers a highly effective and hygienic way to apply your favourite beauty products like a pro. Get yours HERE & shop the rest of the Holy Grail at

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